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Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

PPI Achievements

The PPI team have helped progress the FluCare trial at every stage in the process. Here we look over some of their contributions so far.

Orange FluCare.png

FluCare Tagline

'Working towards Flu-Free Care Homes' was created by the PPI team to help summarise the trial in a sentence

Two Pens

Trial Design

Key changes to the trial design have been brought forward by the PPI team to help deliver an effective trial

Covid 19

Covid-19 Statement

The PPI team created a statement to address the compulsory Covid vaccinations as FluCare was designed pre-pandemic

SLR Camera

Intervention Video

The intervention video has been tweaked and polished with the help of the PPI team

Toy Brain

Plain English Summaries

Plain English summaries have been used throughout the trial to ensure everyone understands our goals


This Website!

Fundamental changes have been introduced to this website with the help and ideas from the PPI team

Meet the PPI Team


Alys Griffiths

Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Lead

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