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Meet the Team

Meet the team behind the design and implementation of the FluCare trial

Amrish Patel_edited.png

Amrish Patel

Co-Chief Investigator

Veronica Bion_edited.png

Veronica Bion

Trial Manager

AC Edit_edited.png

Allan Clark


Jeanette Blacklock_edited.png

Jeanette Blacklock

Research Associate

Alys Griffiths_edited.png

Alys Griffiths

Public & Patient Involvement Lead


Richard Holland

Public Health Consultant

David Wright_edited.png

David Wright

Co-Chief Investigator

Amber Hammond_edited.png

Amber Hammond

Trial Assistant

AW Edit_edited.png

Adam Wagner

Health Economist

Jenifer Pitcher_edited.png

Jennifer Pitcher

Research Associate

Liz Jones_edited.png

Liz Jones

Public & Patient Involvement Lead

Faisal Alsaif_edited_edited.png

Faisal Alsaif

PhD Student

Erica Sims_edited.png

Erika Sims

Research Lead

Cecile Guillard_edited.png

Cecile Guillard

Data Programmer

Thando Katangwe-Chigamba_edited.png

Thando Katangwe-Chigamba

Research Associate

Carys Seeley_edited.png

Carys Seeley

Research Associate


Linda Birt

Research Fellow

Sion Scott_edited.png

Sion Scott

Behavioural Scientist

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